Unique Christmas & Advent Gift Boxes

Looking for something a Bit Different to make you Stand Out from the crowd?

We’ve developed high quality, innovative and beautifully crafted Gift Boxes that can be filled with your own products.
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Looking to increase sales during the Festive Season?

We’ve developed high quality, innovative and beautifully crafted Gift Boxes that can be filled with your own products.

“ In 2017 Scottish individual retailer Hey Sweetie bought some components, constructed the Advent Gift Boxes and filled them with sweets and marketed them. By Advent 2019 they had ordered 600 sets of components and now sell them online, as well as in the shop. “

” In 2018 Voodoo Black, a wholesale Jewellery merchant, used over 4,000 of our 12 Days of Christmas components to market their costume jewellery. Owner Saqib Siddique e-mailed to say ‘The 12 Days performed so well’. For 2019 he asked us to manufacture 10,000 specially designed Gift Boxes. “

Advent Gift Boxes could be just what you’re looking for… We’ve developed a high quality, innovative and beautifully crafted Gift Box that can be filled with your own products. Designed to hold a variety of products in 24 compartments, it brings a modern twist to the traditional Advent Calendar.

With so many companies producing alcohol Advents with either meagre portions or bulky, really expensive gifts, we introduced the concept of the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box.
Based on the Mediaeval practice of celebrating the Christmas season over 12 Days, recalled in the song ‘On the 1st Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me…’ we designed a Gift Box which holds 12 X 5cl alcohol miniatures.
These are ideal for alcohol retailers as they can be filled with 12 miniatures of the customer’s choice and make a fabulous festive gift. It really is the gift that keeps on giving all the way through to 12th Night.

As well as components for you to fill and use to promote your products, we can also supply a variety of Kits and filled Gift Boxes to sell to your customers. The Kits are brilliant for selling in craft outlets and more general gift shops, including Garden Centres. They are easy to construct, with full instructions provided in the Kit for your customers. There is no cutting or sticking required. Prices for the Kits range from £4.00 – £6.00 depending on the type of Kit and the quantity required. We supply a wide range of filled Advent Gift Boxes and 12 Day Gift Boxes. The prices vary depending on the contents, and we fill them with sweets, chocolates, and/or fudges, as well as non-edible fillers including toys, candles, lip balms, soaps and other bath products. We also fill the 12 Days Gift Boxes with a wide range of 5cl miniature alcohols. It would be wise to contact us to discuss your requirements and hear a full list of prices.

Make Your Own Kits, and Pre-Filled Gift Boxes