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The ‘His and Hers Share Six Days of Love’ is a completely new concept in celebrating Valentine’s Day. We provide a beautifully crafted Gift Box which contains 12 compartments holding 12 Different Gifts. It has developed out of the 12 Days of Christmas gift Box which Christmas and Advent Gift Boxes designed, produced and marketed during the lead up to Christmas last year. The idea is that the loving couple opens a compartment each on the 14th of February, and again for each of the following 5 days right up to the 19th – assuming they can both wait that long!

For example, you may choose a Gift Box containing 6 packs of chocolates and 6 packets of traditional sweets, or maybe 6 packs of chocolates and 6 different fudges. The compartments are also designed to hold 5cl miniature bottles of alcohol, so if you’ve got to the end of dry January, and you love Gin and your partner is a Whiskey lover, you may select a Gift Box containing 6 different miniatures of Gin and 6 of Whiskey. Or another combination of Spirits.

What do they cost?

Well it is said that you can’t put a price on love, but understandably the price of the Gift Box is dependent on what is in them… The Fudge and traditional sweets’ combo, containing 500g of each, costs £16.95 and the Chocolates and Fudges fillers cost £19.50. The Alcohol Gift Boxes holding 12 x 5cl bottles cost £49.95. What a great way to extend the Season of Love, and if you live in the UK, there are no delivery charges!!

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