Unique Christmas & Advent Gift Boxes

Corporate Advent Gift Boxes

We’ve supplied a number of businesses¬†over the years with staff and client gifts, expressing thanks to staff for work done during the year, or to promote the company, or brand.

Why choose us?

What are the advantages?

The advantage of using the Advent Gift Box is that the Gift Box and corporate message stays visible for nearly 4 weeks, for example on an office desk or countertop. Each day from the 1st of December until the Christmas holidays a drawer is opened and a ‘treat’ is received.

Experience shows that the Gift Box becomes a focus each morning amongst staff/customers and is the source of many conversations.

The Gift Box can be filled with a variety of products from sweets, chocolates, dried fruit and nuts, small jars of conserves or promotional products such as key rings.

We have supplied numbers from as low as 10 Gift Boxes to over 200. The Gift Boxes can be couriered out to individual clients or can be sent to a Head Office for the individual Gift Boxes to be distributed internally.

If required, your Company Logo and any message can be added to the Gift Box.

We can also supply the 12 Days of Christmas filled with chocolate bars or alcohols as Corporate or Staff Gifts.

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