12 Days Of Christmas Spirits Lovers Gift

£59.95 £49.95

An attractive Gift Box in either Red or Gold containing 12 compartments which hold a selection of 12 different high quality Spirits.


Get into the festive spirit with a selection of fantastic spirits in your very own 12 Days of Christmas Spirits Lovers gift set. Choose from our attractive red or gold gift boxes which hold up to 12 large 5cl bottles of miniature spirits for you to enjoy during the Christmas period.

The 12 different miniatures include 3 blended whiskies, 3 gins, 3 rums, and 3 liqueurs. This particular gift box is ideal for someone who doesn’t have a specific favourite alcohol but would like to try a variety. Contact us if there are specific miniature spirits you want – if we can get them we’ll fill the gift box for you!


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