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Premium Advent Calendar Boxes​

Customisable and High-Quality Empty Advent Calendar Boxes

Looking for Empty Advent Calendar Boxes?

We Supply Unique Christmas & Advent Gift Boxes

Customisable and High-Quality Empty Advent Calendar Boxes

Perfect for wholesalers, businesses and corporate clients, our gift and advent calendar boxes are designed to be both practical and attractive.

Our high-quality, innovative and beautifully crafted empty advent calendar boxes are designed for wholesalers and businesses looking to create a special festive experience – whether that’s for employees or customers. 

These boxes are available in various designs and sizes, allowing you to fill them with your own products.

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Why Choose Our Empty Advent Calendar Boxes?

Variety of Designs

Our empty advent calendar boxes come in various designs, ensuring a memorable gifting experience.

Superior Quality

Crafted from durable materials, our empty advent calendar boxes look great and hold up during the holiday season.

Versatile Applications

Ideal for wholesalers and businesses, our empty advent calendar boxes offer the perfect blank canvas for your unique products or chosen gifts.

The Advent Gift Box

Advent gift boxes might be just what you’re after. Designed to hold a variety of products in 24 compartments, they bring a modern twist to the traditional advent calendar, perfect for filling with your unique items.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Box
For a special festive offering, our 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box is ideal. Based on the tradition of celebrating over 12 days, these boxes can be filled with items like 5cl alcohol miniatures, making them perfect for alcohol retailers.
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Why Advent Gift Box?

It all started with a friend’s gift of 24 numbered bottles of beer back in 2011. We loved the idea of an advent calendar for adults, so we teamed up with local businesses to create our first 24-drawer gift box. 

Since then, we’ve expanded our range based on customer feedback, including the popular 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box. 

Our journey is driven by a passion for quality, innovation, and making your festive season special. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality products and friendly service, making sure you (and your customers) have the best experience from start to finish.

Simple Ordering Process

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  2. Place Your Order: Enjoy an easy ordering process with quick turnaround times.


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