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Has your Dad Been a Lockdown Legend? (replace text)

Has your Dad ‘stepped up to the plate’ since Lockdown started?
Has he kept you sane by organising activities to stop you getting bored? Has he sorted out ‘Zoom’ so you can still ‘see’ friends and family? 

Has he helped you with school work, or taken you on bike rides to keep you fit and healthy? Or if you have an older parent, have they kept to social distancing or isolation so that you know they are safe?

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In the past, Father’s Day may not been such a big deal. It could be a much bigger event on the 21st of June this year. In many cases, Dads have had much more involvement in their families lives recently because of Covid-19. So this year we’re doing something a bit special! We’ve produced a Father’s Day Gift Box focussed on Dads who have been ‘Lockdown Legends’.

It is a Gift Box containing 12 drawers in the form of a Kit which children who are at home, maybe with Mum’s help, could make. They are pretty straight forward to construct, with no cutting or sticking. We can also provide them ready built.
Each Gift Box contains 12 compartments which can be filled with gifts. The idea is that youngsters could fill the compartments with gifts that they know Dad would love. These could be sweets, fudges, chocolates, or something that is a bit more creative.
So they might put pictures in them, or jokes or notes about what they have learned during lockdown, or what they have enjoyed doing, or what they want to specifically thank Dad for.
They’re a great opportunity to recognise and honour the part that Dads are playing in responding to Lockdown.

We can also provide the boxes ready filled and you get to choose the contents.

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