12 Days Of Christmas Liqueurs Lovers Gift


An attractive Gift Box in either Red or Gold containing 12 compartments which hold a selection of 12 different high quality Liqueurs.


We invite you to enjoy the Festive Season with a selection of familiar and some less well known, but just as delicious, liqueurs. The ’12 Days of Christmas Liqueurs Lovers’ gift box includes classics such as Baileys, Apricot Brandy Liqueur, Limoncello, Drambuie and Jack Daniels Honey. You’ll also discover some new liqueurs which you are sure to love, like Lindisfarne Mead, Tomahawk Maple Cream Liqueur, Crème de Mures and Killepitsch herbal liqueur.

Choose from our attractive red or gold boxes to suit your tastes. Each of the 12 drawers on the gift box contains a generous 5cl bottle to be enjoyed. A Liqueur Lovers gift box is a great present for someone who enjoys a liqueur but hasn’t had chance to try such a wide range.


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