12 Days Of Christmas Blended Whiskies Lovers Gift

£59.95 £49.95

The Blended Whiskies Lovers Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Box, containing 12 different high quality Blended Whiskies miniatures 5cl each.


Our Blended Whiskies Lovers ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Gift Box features 12 quality blended Whisky miniatures containing a liberal 5cl each. The blended whiskies featured in the box are all produced in either Scotland or Ireland. Within the 12 drawers you will find popular whiskies which include 2 bourbons, Teachers, Jack Daniels, Jameson’s, Grants, Bells and Famous Grouse.

The 12 days of Christmas box represents excellent value considering that it offers such a great selection of your favourite blended whiskeys. Ideal for someone who loves an occasional whiskey; this is a great opportunity to find and sample different brands. Your new favourite awaits.


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